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When was the last time you cleaned your roof? Many homeowners know the dangers of climbing a ladder and suffering an injury from trying to clean their roof themselves, so they frequently avoid this task. Luckily, we have a simple solution for you that will help to get your roof looking brand new, safely. Don’t wait to contact our professionals because filth, debris, and grime that accumulate over time might seem insignificant at first but can lead to major structural damage to your roof and force you to replace it sooner than planned. Our Lehigh Valley roof cleaning will assist you to save money in the long run by extending the life of your roof while still getting optimum and use out of it, making it look beautiful is also a nice perk!

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Roof Cleaning

All of our roof cleaning services are suitable for a wide range of roofs, including asphalt shingles. We thoroughly examine your roof structure and select the finest cleaning solutions for it. If you don’t clean your roof on a regular basis, significant problems will develop. Our eco-friendly treatments last a long time and preserve the functionality of your roof. All of our roof cleaning services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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Roof Cleaning

Our roof cleaning services can help you get the most out of your metal roof. Metal roofs require sensitive cleaning processes, high-pressure water may be too violent, harsh chemicals might harm the roofing material, and clean results will not endure long. Each member of the Ultimate Shine team has received extensive training on the best cleaning methods for metal roofs and knows how to do it quickly and effectively. Our experts are insured and have learned how to complete the work safely, so you won’t need to worry about liabilities.

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Roof Cleaning

Slate is a strong and weather-resistant material that does not, however, exempt it from needing to be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. Our roof cleaning in Lehigh Valley is an affordable cleaning method that will remove any undesirable substances from your slate roof. Slate roofs are a significant expenditure, so make the most of it. We receive continuous education on the best cleaning solutions and techniques for slate roofs. We take great pride in the fact that customers entrust us to preserve their costly slate roofs and keep them looking their best!

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Safe And Effective Roof Cleaning in Lehigh Valley

We utilize the most gently washing technique available, soft washing, which is also the most beneficial and cost-effective method to clean your roof. This technique uses low-pressure water with strong detergents that are capable of breaking down any organic material and restoring your roof to its original appearance. At Ultimate Shine, we select cleaning solutions based on the demands of your roof, and we are certain that our cleaning approach won’t damage your roof surfaces. You won’t have to worry about climbing a ladder or walking across the roof. Our Lehigh Valley roof washing will provide the best long-term benefits.

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Enjoy up to a 5 Year Roof Cleaning Warranty on many of our various roof cleaning services

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Roof Cleaning Lehigh Valley

Amazing roof cleaning service. They were on time as promised and the results from their work was noticeable almost immediately. I would definitely recommend their services to other home owners/renters.

Nicole M

Roof Cleaning In Lehigh Valley

Brian from Ultimate Shine was great. He was prompt, personable, and very professional. He did a super roof cleaning job and guarantees his work. I'd definitely use his services again and would highly recommend Brian to others.

Barbara M

Roof Washing Lehigh Valley

My roof was moss covered. The first treatment did not work. I called ultimate shine and they returned promptly and took the problem. Excellent roof cleaning service.

Norbert R

Frequently Asked Lehigh Valley Roof Cleaning Questions

High-pressure washing is absolutely too harsh for roofing materials, and if soft wash professionals aren’t the ones operating the equipment, it can do serious harm to your roof. Our crew uses only the safest soft washing technique, which is soft on your roof but hard fighting against any algae, mold or any organic material.

The roof is cleaned with a soft-washing method, which entails applying low-pressure water and mild detergents to break down organic growth. We treat your roof like baby and give it the TLC it deserves!

Roofs collect a lot of debris over time, which is why it’s important to clean them at least once a year. Our staff will inspect your roof surface and determine how often it should be cleaned based on the weather. We can develop a customized cleaning schedule for you at no additional cost.

The cost of roof cleaning will be determined by the size of your roof and its present state, such as how filthy it is or if there is an abundance of mold or algae. We provide free estimates and have the best prices for the quality we provide. Reach out to us today for a fast and free quote.

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